I have been a private practice psychotherapist for over 25 years and love my job very much. I am such a believer in the power of therapy to change peoples’ lives. Helping clients feel better mentally, empowers them to make choices that they can be proud of, and this improves relationships, joy, sleep, etc and over time can brighten every aspect of their lives.

My style is one of non-judgment, non-discrimination and wide-openness. Religion is not used as part of my therapeutic practice. Clients are assured of the strictest confidentiality and  a warm collaborative atmosphere for their therapy. I also make it my mission to keep up with all the amazing research and current findings on positivity, mindfulness, brain plasticity, etc.

I focus most of our therapeutic process on the present and future and see it as my job to help clients grow in motivation, psychological health and ego maturity.

My office is a place you can feel safe to unpack your dark side, take a good look at it, and then figure out ways to keep it from dampening your joy.