I work with individual clients who are interested in taking a look at the ways they could live their lives more fully. In this work I believe that a thorough understanding of the past is a luxury but not at all a necessity in growing toward psychological health and moving toward goals. I begin with concentrated listening but also provide direction and instruction to empower my clients to do things differently and attain improved results. Toward this end, I use concepts from eastern traditions, current research on positivity and the brain, and modalities gathered from a variety of therapy pioneers. I also use an assortment of psychological tools and assessment. In addition, I have training in EMDR (eye movement desensitization and processing) for decreasing clients’ sensitivity to traumatic events and memories.


My specialization is working with couples who are motivated to make lasting changes in the way they team up to handle and embrace life. I see it as my job to listen fully and understand what’s going on. But then to go beyond empathy to foster new skills that empower relational growth. There is so much that can be offered to help make things better at home but we are typically never taught these skills as part of our education. In my office I strive to have couples actually experience each other from this more evolved, more mature stance and “take it home with them” as an improved way to relate and feel loving and alive. My work with couples includes many areas of focus…from redefining monogamy to negotiating differences around spirituality…from getting on the same page with parenting to finding peace from chronic fights. I see all varieties of couples including the full spectrum of genders, races, religions, nationalities and relationship statuses. I am fully open, non-sectarian, and non-judgmental.  I promise!

I also work extensively with couples who are experiencing the pain and shame of infidelity. Though an incredibly difficult life event for both partners, this loss is something that a couple can often get through.  Over the years I have honed my way of helping these clients. It’s important for us to find out the meanings behind the affair and use them to uncover places of susceptibility within the relationship. Trust must be intentionally reestablished and boundaries clearly  outlined. We must plumb some key relational depths around anger, fear, jealousy, sexuality, forgiveness…so much to do, yet so very much hope for motivated, dedicated partnerships. There is a tremendous amount of intimacy that can be created through true vulnerability, empathy and forgiveness.

It has been my honor to work with couples for the past 25 years and witness their determination and growth. My goal is to have you both ride a white stallion out of my office and live happily ever after…but I will settle for something close!


I enjoy working with clients to improve and increase parenting skills. I come from the conviction that all kids’ behaviors have an unconscious purpose. And it is part of a parents’ challenge to understand this purpose and guide their children accordingly.  I empower my clients to use respect as their foundation in shaping their kids’ self concept and behavior. I teach from Adlerian principles such as natural and logical consequences and positive discipline.   I also offer full and heartfelt validation and support as parenting is a very tough, challenging, and important job!